About Minking

Management System

Minking has carried out a series of process introduction and management reform, and has made continuous improvement in R & D management, marketing management, supply chain management, quality management, logistics management, human resource management, financial management, etc., and has established and constantly improved the modern management system based on the successful practical experience.

Management philosophy


Minking's dual core driven organizational structure with "market-oriented" and "R & D as the core" strengthens the decision-making support ability of market system for customer service, strategic direction and resource planning. Through the efficient operation of marketing management, R & D management, supply chain management and other systems, we can ensure the implementation of the company's overall strategy oriented by customer satisfaction.

Quality Control

Minking has always established a strict R & D and quality control system, and all products have undergone rigorous reliability test and environmental test. The company fully implements ISO9001:2008 quality management system and obtains system certification.

Supply Chain Management

In order to strengthen the management of the whole process from procurement to customer delivery, the company establishes a supply chain management center, implements the supplier certification management process, and establishes close partnership with major suppliers, so as to win the relative competitive advantage of fast, high-quality and low-cost supply guarantee, so as to ensure that the market demand can be met efficiently and flexibly.

Environmental management

Minking follows the domestic and international environmental protection laws and regulations to ensure that the company's activities do not exert harmful effects on the environment. The company's products and product parts in the European market implement RoHS (restriction on the use of certain hazardous substances) and obtain ROHS environmental protection certification. In order to ensure the realization of environmental goals, Minking continuously improves its technology from the whole process of product design, material procurement, product production and service, and is committed to the development, production and service of green and safe products.