About Minking


Business philosophy

Small is big, but in fact it is long

Travel thousands of miles, walk every step, blend the world, make high friends

Brand Concept

Meticulous and diligent

No best, just better



Minking's life is given by customers, cherish life and repay the industry. Create value and internship profit for customers, and work together with customers to win-win is the goal of Minking


Minking company attaches great importance to strategic competition, pays attention to the long-term and hopeful nature of enterprise goals, regardless of the gains and losses of "one city, one pool", and focuses on establishing a set of overall profit model and sustainable development plan of the company. In the development of enterprises, Mingjing does not expect results, only focuses on the process.


Direction of development

Forecast the future needs of customers, closely follow the industrial upgrading and make full use of new technology, integrate advanced production and service management concepts at home and abroad, enhance the core technology competitive advantage of enterprises, integrate digital technology and network technology into security products, and build the enterprise into a large-scale and professional security production base in China