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Talent Concept

  • Respect Intellectual

We know that talents are the basis for the survival, development and growth of enterprises. We have been adhering to the "people-oriented" management concept. There is no difference in status between people, only different responsibilities. We attach great importance to team building, so that each employee can fully reflect their personal value with the development of the enterprise.


  • Commending Contributions

Recognize individual achievements and recognize high performance employees; reward team spirit and respect individual differences; provide training and development opportunities to help employees grow and share success with each employee.


  • Talent Introduction

Establish a talent introduction mechanism with high standard and suitable for enterprise development, provide human resources guarantee for the promotion and Realization of the company's strategy and realize the maximization of employee value by continuously absorbing, cultivating and promoting talents with broad platform.

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  • Embedded Software Engineer

    R & D department

    Senior high school


    2hours ago

    Salary: 面议
    Years of working: 3-5 years
    Age: 23—36year
    Working place: Jiangsu province Changzhou City Zhonglou District- -

    Job responsibilities:
    1. Participate in the project demand analysis, participate in the construction of system framework and the design of core modules;
    2. Complete the code development task according to the project schedule;
    3. Write documents and complete relevant code testing tasks;
    4. Maintain, improve and perfect the code to meet new requirements;
    5. Participate in technical skills and solve technical problems;
    6. Able to guide junior engineers or interns.

    1. Proficient in C / C + + programming language, proficient in Linux environment programming, some knowledge of kernel and file system is preferred;
    2. Familiar with application development under Linux, with rigorous thinking habits and standard code writing ability;
    3. Familiar with network programming under Linux, with RTSP / RTP, RTMP, onvif, gb28181 protocol video transmission development experience is preferred;
    4. IPcamera CMOS sensor development experience is preferred;
    5. 4G / 5G wireless transmission module development experience is preferred;
    6. With relevant development experience in Linux system of Hisense, Lianyong, Ruixin micro, Junzheng and other platforms, 2 years or above is preferred.

  • Mechanical structure engineer

    R & D department

    Junior high school


    2hours ago

    Salary: 面议
    Years of working: 1-3 years
    Age: 23—36year
    Working place: Jiangsu province Changzhou City Zhonglou District- -

    Job responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for product structure design and R & D related work; Meet various technical requirements of the product;
    2. Carry out the design and model selection of the overall structure and parts of the product, and output 3D data, 2D drawings, BOM and other design records and other documents output by various project planning, carry out mold test, track, analyze and solve structural design problems, and complete product structure development;
    3. Incoming inspection of mass-produced structural parts, installation test, assembly of prototype and other problems, design of test fixture;
    4. Provide structural technical services, support and assistance to production and other departments;
    5. Complete other temporary work assigned by leaders.

    Job requirements:
    1. More than 1-3 years working experience in electronic product structure design,
    2. Mechanical, industrial design, mold and other related majors, college degree or above.
    3. Proficient in UG or SolidWorks, AutoCAD common drawing software
    4. Able to independently complete the modular structure design of the product according to the requirements and characteristics of the product; Have independent design ideas and novel design concepts;
    5. Count and sort out the bug problems of structural parts, summarize the problems and analyze the causes; Actively communicate with production and other departments to solve the assembly process problems in production to ensure efficient production;
    6. Have good hands-on ability and professional quality, dedication and team spirit, good at communication.

  • System integration engineer

    Product department

    Junior college or above


    2hours ago

    Salary: 面议
    Years of working: 1-3 years
    Age: 23—36year
    Working place: Jiangsu province Changzhou City Zhonglou District- -

    Job content:
    1. Be responsible for the preparation and explanation of technical solutions for monitoring products (such as deployment ball, PTZ camera and other products) and the user's question answering;
    2. Complete technical communication with users, technical scheme publicity, application system demonstration, etc;
    3. Do a good job in user communication, data sharing and technical coordination;
    4. Cooperate with marketing personnel to complete application system demonstration, product promotion materials writing, etc.

    Job requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, communication, network and other related fields;
    2. Understand the relevant knowledge of weak current system and the principle of security monitoring products, and have been involved in technical exchange and scheme preparation;
    3. Familiar with network system architecture and relevant debugging work, familiar with 4G / 5G wireless transmission technology;
    4. Strong technical document writing ability, skilled in office software;
    5. Strong communication skills, good communication and expression skills;
    6. If familiar with the basic operation of electronic products (such as disassembly, assembly, debugging and maintenance), experience in smart power / smart city projects is preferred;

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