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High value of security software assets, rapid growth in market demand

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High value of security software assets, rapid growth in market demand

The first reaction of many people in China to security may be cameras, hard disk recorders, video servers or TV walls. Security software equipment is often overlooked. Security software under the traditional thinking mode appears as an accessory to hardware products, but from the perspective of industry development, hardware is the foundation of the security industry, and software determines the future development trend of the security industry.

In the video security monitoring system, the front-end equipment is responsible for collecting, transmitting equipment, transmitting information, back-end equipment storage and management information, and the role of security integrated software is no different from the human brain, not only the equipment management platform, but also the information exchange platform. It is a supporting platform for the security management business. It combines the workflow of the security management business with the information flow of the security system, and provides users with advanced security management models through the management, organization and scheduling of equipment, personnel and various security information resources , Process optimization tools, scientific business decision-making and management mechanism innovation.

The security software market shows rapid development

During the "Eleventh and Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the construction of government security projects centered on the "Safe City" has accelerated, and the security software market has also shown rapid growth. On the one hand, the scale of the "Safe City" system is getting larger and larger, and it is particularly urgent to establish a video security monitoring network sharing platform; on the other hand, the business and management requirements of the "Safe City" sharing platform are becoming more and more complex, such as video surveillance and anti-theft. Subsystems such as alarm, access control, fire protection, traffic control, police integrated command, three-in-one, GIS map research and judgment have been integrated into the platform, and the division of labor in the security industry chain has become more and more detailed. Under such a background, the position of software in the entire system is becoming more and more important, and software products have evolved from simple programming, that is, traditional general-purpose platform software to the current comprehensive solution.

With the entry of the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the in-depth development of security IP, the development focus of the security industry is also similar to that of the IT industry. It has begun to shift from hardware-based to software-based, especially in 2015, the nine departments of the State Council issued the "About Strengthening Public "Several Opinions on the Construction of Networking Application of Security Video Surveillance", it is proposed that by 2020, the public security video surveillance construction network application goal of "full domain coverage, full network sharing, full time availability, and full controllable" will be basically realized, and the construction of public security video surveillance will be realized Intensification, networking standardization, intelligent application, building and perfecting a comprehensive application platform for public security video image information, and the new version of the "Security Protection Video Surveillance Networking System Information Transmission, Exchange, Control Technical Requirements" (GB/T28181) It was officially implemented in June this year. Both the policy and the market have played a huge role in promoting the development of security software. The integrated management platform software with video surveillance as the core is gradually becoming the core of the security software market.

Driven by market demand, the security software market has expanded significantly in the past two years, with an annual growth rate of more than 30% in the domestic market. According to the research report of IMSResearch, the domestic security software market demand will still increase at a rate of 30%-50% in the next five years. Take the "2017 IHSMarkit Global Video Surveillance Equipment Market Research Report" released by IHS as an example. The report published the 2016 global video surveillance market and market share rankings in segmented areas. A well-known domestic security company ranks first in the domestic market share of VMS (Video Surveillance Management Platform) and third in the global market share, which is enough to prove the huge potential of the domestic video surveillance management software platform market.

Security software intellectual property is facing test

Although the importance of security software is gradually recognized by the market and its market value is gradually increasing, the protection of intellectual property rights for security software is still affected by the original thinking, and there is a phenomenon of "usage" and even piracy. Different from other industries, due to the relatively weak protection awareness and protection capabilities of security companies for intellectual property rights for a long time, the independent research and development capabilities of companies are very limited. Some companies are in a state of no "property rights" to protect, and naturally they do not pay attention to the "property rights" of others. Security, which also leads to enterprises inadvertently infringing on intellectual property rights. In the "Thirteenth Five-Year (2016-2020) Development Plan for China's Security Industry" issued by the China Security Association, it is pointed out that the security market order needs to be further regulated, and the protection of corporate intellectual property rights needs to be further strengthened.

With the rapid development of the security industry, industry competition has become increasingly fierce. The differentiated competitive advantage has become the key to enterprises winning market competition. Constructing their own differentiated advantages through technological innovation has also become an important means for security companies to seek further development. However, in the process of technological innovation, enterprises are affected by fierce market competition, and products with independent intellectual property rights always face naked infringements such as counterfeiting and imitation, which causes serious damage to the interests of innovators. Therefore, whether an enterprise’s intellectual property rights can be effectively protected, managed and used will directly affect the survival of the enterprise. Especially in the field of security software, intellectual property rights are very different from physical products. Infringements are highly concealed, and it is very difficult for companies to protect their rights. How companies can use more effective means to avoid or fundamentally eliminate infringements by competitors in a timely manner, safeguard their own legitimate rights and interests, and achieve the maximum profitability of software products has become the focus of security software companies.

Security software intellectual property protection urgently needs a new way

From the current point of view, the protection of software intellectual property rights of enterprises is nothing more than applying for patents and using legal means to litigate infringements. However, these methods cannot fundamentally avoid infringements. At the same time, the facts and effects of infringement damages already exist. In addition, the legal procedures require companies to consume a lot of energy and financial resources, which often outweigh the gains. This is also one of the important factors leading to weak protection of software intellectual property rights in the security industry.

How to establish a line of defense for intellectual property protection at the beginning of the establishment of a corporate security software project, so as to participate in the entire life cycle from design, R&D, production, sales, use tracking to order management, and fundamentally prevent the leakage of intellectual property rights or There are infringements.

The emergence of software monetization solves this problem. Software monetization is currently the best solution for intellectual property protection and software value mining in the IT industry. It is currently not well known in the security industry. Software monetization not only protects enterprise software intellectual property rights from infringement, but also improves the profitability of enterprise software assets and maximizes the operational efficiency of users' realization of software products.

Software monetization was first proposed by SafeNet. In 2015, Gemalto acquired SafeNet. Its software monetization product line became Gemalto’s comprehensive solution for software vendors and cloud service providers in terms of security, encryption, licensing, usage status, and authorization management. Important products to help them develop, deploy and adjust in the cloud environment, and calmly cope with the opportunities and challenges brought by the new IT environment. At present, top brands all over the world trust Gemalto's SafeNet identification and data protection solutions, and use SafeNet products to protect their data, identity information and intellectual property rights.

Software monetization maximizes the value of security software

From protecting the business interests of software developers to expanding their business development and operational efficiency, software monetization runs through the entire link of software-centric system products from design, R&D, production, sales, use tracking to order management.

Take the video surveillance management platform software as an example. In the product development stage: implement encryption protection through the software monetization program; in the product pricing and packaging stage: implement the package and authorization pricing based on functional modules through the software monetization program; in the product sales stage :According to the functions required by the customer, or according to the customer’s use period, frequency, etc., to achieve on-demand (according to payment) delivery of products/services; in the order execution and management stage: the software monetization scheme can be used to deliver licenses to users and pay according to customers , Renewal status, renewal, suspension or upgrade of the use of products/services, as well as customer use tracking and overall software operation feedback, etc.

From the current point of view, the application areas of security software products are constantly expanding, and they play an irreplaceable role in large-scale projects such as smart cities, smart transportation, and smart communities. With the continuous deepening of national public security video surveillance networking construction and application, the application value of security software itself will be continuously improved, and software intellectual property protection and value maximization have become the focus of the industry's most attention. The introduction of software monetization will provide the most trustworthy solutions for the protection of software intellectual property rights in the security industry in the future, the enhancement of the value of the software itself, and the protection of system information security.



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