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Market prospects and development of on-board PTZ

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Market prospects and development of on-board PTZ

The vehicle-mounted video surveillance system represented by the vehicle-mounted PTZ can effectively improve the operational safety of vehicles. As a sub-industry of the video surveillance industry, the application of the video surveillance function of fixed places on the ground to mobile vehicles is a video surveillance in the transportation field. Important application. Different from the video surveillance that is mainly used in fixed places such as commerce, industry, communities, homes and safe cities, in-vehicle video surveillance needs to be in a complex vehicle working environment (such as high-speed vehicle movement, continuous vibration, and impact, high and low temperature, harsh Power supply, man-made damage, waterproof and fireproof, etc.) maintain good image processing and intelligent analysis performance, and have high technical requirements for products. In the next few years, driven by the growth of the logistics industry and the continuous increase in demand for monitoring and management in various industries, the market demand for vehicle monitoring systems will continue to expand. The industry market size reached 230 billion yuan in 2019, and it is expected that the industry market size will reach 245.6 billion yuan in 2020.

In recent years, the vehicle security system has continuously carried out technological and structural innovations on the basis of the structure of the vehicle pan/tilt. For example, the infrared integrated intelligent high-speed pan/tilt camera is a product developed according to the actual needs of the mobile monitoring system, and is suitable for image acquisition under special circumstances. . It forms a vehicle monitoring system with vehicle hard disk video recorder, monitor, control keyboard and 3G wireless video transmission equipment.

The industrialization of new security products has always been the development pursuit of the security industry. As the parent company of car-mounted pan/tilt products, Changzhou Mingjing IOT Sensing Co., Ltd. continues to digest and absorb advanced technologies at home and abroad, improve product quality, provide technical support, and track international advances The development trend of the security products, with the development of high-definition, long-distance, combined advanced security product center as the goal, with new high-speed ball, PTZ technology research and key technology innovation as the main content, through structural design and process transformation, make The product has become a new type of security product with independent intellectual property rights that meets the development needs of China's security industry, promotes the development of technological innovation, and contributes to the security industry.




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