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2020 Car PTZ Technology Innovation

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2020 Car PTZ Technology Innovation

Mobile surveillance has always been a relatively special application in the surveillance industry, and it is also one of the emerging markets. The most mature one is undoubtedly the vehicle-mounted mobile surveillance. The traditional vehicle monitoring system is mainly based on vehicle DVR, and the definition of monitoring is based on CIF, and the standard is very low. Generally, it consists of front-end vehicle hard disk video recorder, vehicle dedicated camera, vehicle LCD display, alarm button, status display terminal and supporting cables. It consists of cables and other materials, and stores the video data in the hard disk under shock absorption protection by collecting and encoding real-time running pictures. Although the entire surveillance industry has long advocated networking and high-definition, the in-vehicle mobile surveillance industry is still changing slowly. It is more about fighting price wars at the low end, rather than paying much attention to the performance of surveillance and qualitative changes in the in-vehicle surveillance market.

The car pan/tilt is a high-end intelligent surveillance product that integrates light, machine, electricity and image, which is upgraded from the traditional car mobile prevention and control system. It adopts a self-developed 1/3" CCD650 line/720P/1080P digital auto high-speed focusing movement. , Miniaturized aspherical zoom lens series, laser synchronous zoom fill light technology, long-distance low power consumption 400 meters strong homogenized infrared laser light source technology, high-definition quasi-step rotation technology, laser protection and other high-tech. Mingjing IoT Sensing After launching the car pan-tilt product in 2004, the company has successively launched 4G wireless image transmission and other system solutions to promote industrial development with high technology.

Any company that wants to develop products that are more in line with the trend of the times and the needs of life development, introduces advanced inspection and testing equipment, and continuously optimizes the staff structure through industry-university-research cooperation. It is essential to build a research team with high quality and wide professional coverage. On this basis, it is our social responsibility to continuously improve product quality and services with innovation, and to make car-mounted pan/tilt products that are in sync or even beyond the times.




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