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The composition and function of the forest fire prevention platform monitoring system

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The composition and function of the forest fire prevention platform monitoring system

The forest fire prevention pan-tilt monitoring system consists of a front-end video monitoring system, a transmission system and a back-end software analysis system.

(1) The front-end video surveillance system is generally composed of multi-spectrum pan-tilt cameras, power supply systems, iron towers, etc., in addition to structural parts, lightning protection systems, etc.;

(2) Transmission system includes wired transmission system;

(3) The background software analysis system includes various data processing servers and application servers. In addition, GIS, fire alarm system, and fire rescue analysis system can be added. In addition, random logging, pest control, and wildlife monitoring can also be added.

Through the front-end video surveillance system equipment installed in the forest area, the forest fire prevention pan/tilt system can achieve the following main functions:

(1) Automatic recognition of fireworks and firecrackers

(2) A suspicious fire point was found

(3) Automatic alarm function of monitoring management center

(4) Linkage between upper and lower levels to realize unified integrated video surveillance management.

(5) Effective monitoring of pests and diseases, wild animals and illegal logging.




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