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What are the three major parts of forest fire monitoring system design

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What are the three major parts of forest fire monitoring system design

We can divide the entire forest fire prevention monitoring system into three parts: front-end data acquisition system, data transmission system, and back-end software analysis system.

Front-end data acquisition system

The cloth ball is generally set on the commanding heights of the fire watch towers in the forest area. Including visible light high-definition fog through camera, long focal length zoom through fog lens, omni-directional positioning PTZ, outdoor shield, intelligent firework recognition module, thermal imaging camera, network switch, etc. The front-end collection equipment is responsible for automatic scanning of forest areas around the clock, using visible light fog cameras and intelligent pyrotechnic recognition modules, but can identify large-scale and long-distance forest fires, and at the same time, real-time observation of forest vegetation conditions, pests and diseases, and fire conditions. Monitoring and providing reliable basis for remote command for forest fire fighting.

data transmission system

The transmission system can use a combination of wired optical fiber transmission and wireless digital microwave transmission. Digital microwaves are installed at monitoring points where vegetation is dense or it is inconvenient to lay optical fibers, and the video images are forwarded to the nearby monitoring point. The image is simultaneously transmitted to the monitoring management center by optical fiber.

Background software analysis system

The control ball can not only obtain comprehensive, clear, recordable and replayable multi-screen live real-time images, but also operate and control the focal length of the front-end camera and the pan-tilt. For the monitoring points where forest fire alarms occur at the front-end, through the pan-tilt Real-time angle return, combined with the latitude and longitude data of the GIS system, can realize the precise location of the fire point; combined with the forestry actual combat needs of the fire extinguishing path, fire source analysis, plan management and other subsystems.




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