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Car PTZ helps the continuous development of security

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Car PTZ helps the continuous development of security

With the rapid development of the domestic economy in recent years, the development of my country’s security industry has also become more standardized, informatized, and highly efficient. The total output value of the security market has reached nearly 130 billion in 2008, and the scope of application is also divided by important units, The key sectors have gradually developed to the comprehensive prevention of business, schools, communities, families and other social aspects, mainly concentrated in government departments and special departments and industries such as finance, transportation, and electric power.

With the rapid development of the society and economy, the number of domestic vehicles is also growing rapidly. The acceleration of urbanization in my country is accompanied by the continuous expansion of people’s travel range. The increase in vehicles means that the risk of frequent traffic accidents will remain high. The government The department has made clear its determination to vigorously rectify traffic safety problems. The installation of on-board video surveillance systems on vehicles will become a normal development trend. As the safety monitoring equipment on vehicles, the demand for on-board surveillance systems is increasing day by day.

The on-board monitoring system plays a very important protective role for the development of social civilization, social harmony and people’s travel safety. Based on the traditional on-board monitoring system, the on-board pan/tilt product launched by Changzhou Mingjing IOT Sensing Co., Ltd. in 2004 not only filled the gap in the domestic on-board monitoring field, but also obtained a number of invention patents and software copyrights. Relying on a team of experienced talents and experts, the company uses high-tech technology research and development results as a supplement to continuously provide citizens with more convenient and reliable security services for the society.

High-end intelligent surveillance products that integrate light, machine, electricity, and images, represented by the on-board pan/tilt series products, are changing our lives better in a technological way.




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