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Forest fire prevention

Forest fire is one of the world's natural disasters. With the continuous development of China's afforestation industry, fire prevention has become the primary task. Forest fire prevention must implement the policy of "prevention first and active rescue", and truly achieve early detection and early resolution. At present, the remote wireless monitoring system based on wireless network technology has been widely used in the field of forest fire prevention monitoring.


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4G car HD system

The majority of urban security monitoring points are fixed monitoring points to achieve video surveillance of fixed targets or a limited monitoring area. Urban security management inevitably has blind spots, which makes criminals feel lucky and think they have opportunities to destroy the city. The public security environment threatens the safety of people’s lives and property.

What are the three major parts of forest fire monitoring system design

We can divide the entire forest fire prevention monitoring system into three parts: front-end data acquisition system, data transmission system, and back-end software analysis system.

The composition and function of the forest fire prevention platform monitoring system

The forest fire prevention pan-tilt monitoring system consists of a front-end video monitoring system, a transmission system and a back-end software analysis system.

2020 Car PTZ Technology Innovation

Mobile surveillance has always been a relatively special application in the surveillance industry, and it is also one of the emerging markets.

Market prospects and development of on-board PTZ

The vehicle-mounted video surveillance system represented by the vehicle-mounted PTZ can effectively improve the operational safety of vehicles. As a sub-industry of the video surveillance industry, the application of the video surveillance function of fixed places on the ground to mobile vehicles is a video surveillance in the transportation field.

Innovation leads the continuous development of car PTZ

The security system has always played a very important role in social security and stability. In the field of public transportation vehicle prevention and control, as the daily safety prevention and control in the traffic environment and the pressure of safety prevention in response to major and special public emergencies are increasing, a series of issues such as social security, traffic management and security prevention in key areas have become social management The focus of attention, people's demand for its related products is also increasing.

The development of vehicle-mounted PTZ in traffic security

Current traffic safety and other issues have become pain points and difficulties in urban governance, and driver’s bad driving behavior is the main factor in causing road traffic accidents.

Car PTZ helps the continuous development of security

With the rapid development of the domestic economy in recent years, the development of my country’s security industry has also become more standardized, informatized, and highly efficient.
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