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Innovation leads the continuous development of car PTZ

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Innovation leads the continuous development of car PTZ

The security system has always played a very important role in social security and stability. In the field of public transportation vehicle prevention and control, as the daily safety prevention and control in the traffic environment and the pressure of safety prevention in response to major and special public emergencies are increasing, a series of issues such as social security, traffic management and security prevention in key areas have become social management The focus of attention, people's demand for its related products is also increasing.

Since Changzhou Mingjing IOT Sensing Co., Ltd. introduced the on-board pan/tilt to the market in 2004, its performance in terms of anti-vibration effect, airtightness, environmental adaptability, dark environment, monitoring range, storage video, and remote transmission has not only improved The development of intelligence, integration, convenience, and continuous upgrading of technologies including embedded architecture and the integrated output of different detection equipment, the structure of the system has also evolved from a lumped to a distributed system, using a multi-level hierarchical The structural form allows the hardware and software resources, tasks and loads of the entire network system to be shared. In the context of networking and digitization, seamless connection between the video surveillance system and other sub-systems in the weak current system is realized, thus realizing management and control on a unified operating platform.

The current car pan/tilt products have become high-tech surveillance products that integrate high-definition color cameras, universal variable-speed pan/tilts, infrared lighting, multi-function decoders, character overlay, and alarm input/output. Minimize the connection between system components and improve the reliability of the system. At the same time, it is easy to install and maintain, and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, lightness and flexibility, and simple operation.

Mingjing has also been committed to the continuous innovation and upgrading of new products and new technologies in the production and development of security products such as on-board pan/tilts. The aim is to stand at the forefront of the industry with leading technological advantages and professional services, and continuously output high-quality products to markets around the world!




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