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borderless—MINKING overall view series,Shock attack 2017 CPSE -


29TH.OCT, Security festival annually-----the 16th.CPSE open in Shenzhen. Every year the CPSE is the expect scence and technology feast by cctv security person. There was a big crowd at the scene, all the manufacturer and integrator and software company had ride their hobbyhorse to attend and show.

Minking booth| Plate introduced

This exbition MINKING set the “NEW division”,”4G image and video transfer system solution”,”Forest-fire prevention system solution” 3 plates, and let you experience and understand our products more directly.

1、New division

360°overall view intelligent high speed dome PTZ MG-SIR75Q series

Intergration design, single proudcts can provide both overall view and feature articles image at the same time, combine overall view and details. Overall view image splice by 3 sensors,360°overall view monitoring, system use the world's leading automatic registration method,to make sure”spots -  side”accurate correspond, and really make theno blind-zone overall view monitoring linkage, HD area imaging.

360°overall view intelligent high speed PTZ MG-TC26AQeries

Overall view use 3pcs high performance 1/1.9”CMOS sensor, good image and view under low illumination360°HD overall view image HD high speed enlarged image, use mouse to operate, precise positioning,fast zoom in, and tracking in time.Oversized view, seamless tiling;support 30X optical zoom, cooperate with manual and auto tracking, support DIS, intelligent analysis, intelligent tracking function.

Overall view series products comprehensive suitable for gymnasium,station, hotel,airport, playground,  scenic, factory, safe city ,square...etc where need large range monitor and catch details scene. 

2、4G image and video transfer system solution


MG-TC18                                         MG-TC26A   


3、Forest-fire prevention system solution


MG-TK65                                         MG-TK36-NH

Exhibition hall | Crowded,Hot anomaly

Clients communicate with MINKING staff


▲foreign clients communicate with MINKING staff, about the "4G" series products

MINKING entire

▲Provide "Five Star" serve, this is MINKING working regulation

First day of CPSE, numberous of cctv serurity person and clients full affirmation and extensive recognized of MINKING products and system solutionCPSE serial reporting in progress, please concern MINKING, Wonderful, will continue

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