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Minking temperature early warning thermal imaging network camera, your fire detection helper


When object temperature higher than absolute 0°C(-273), they will radiation electromagnetic wave, thermal imaging through gather band IR, to detection the thermal radiation from object.

Thermal imaging can perfect suitable for night light ray bad condition or  nonluminous perimeter;can filtration visible light interference,under brightness light/backlighting condition, less false negatives, more less fales positives; under smoke, fog, rain, snow...etc environment, thermal imaging not affected, image effect is very good, very strong adaptability with the environmental. It had  broaden scope of mind of some can image can not realize by the visible camera, and inject new  consider for the CCTV security system.


Minking temperature early warning thermal imaging network camera

What kind things does thermal imaging camera can going to do ? 

1. Fire monitoring master

Thermal imaging widely used for: petrifactinon, port, logistics, shop, warehouse...etc. Wire short circuit,aging all will possible to cause fire, thermal imaging can through temperature abnormal to alarm quickly, help people "kill" fire at the verybeginning.


2. Forest fire preventionAdeptus Minor

Thermal imaging can used for: Outdoor, forest, border...etc. Trees in the forest will happen spontaneous combustion. Once has fire, need person find quickly and take measures. And the border also our important protect area. Need to monitoring carefully.

Thermal imaging camra all-weather cruising monitoring, to do the high precision detection of the smoke and fire. Once detection fire, need alarm quickly and linkage corresponding person to pu out a fire in time, and weaken fire, reduced loss.

As a visible monitoring in effect supplement, MINKING thermal imaging according with the image processing, intelligence using core advantage,betterunderstanding and satisfaction different user application request. Ingenuity develop products, and give you a safe vision world. 

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