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Minking take part in Chinese Security evening


Nov 2nd, "Chinese Security evening" party was held by CSA(China Security Association). AT 6 o'clock, all the products of Minking's three series were recommended as Excellent security products of Safe city construction, they were: High speed cameras, PTZ cameras, IR night view PTZ cameras.

As we all known, Safe city construction covers Traffic management, Security management, Urban information surveillance, Public places and public facilities surveillance, Natural disasters, health and environmental surveillance, etc. The suitable security products lie on applying Security management, Urban management, Traffic management and Emergency command. Furthermore, they must start from the concept of disaster reduction, to meet both Disaster early warning and Production safety surveillance. Safe city construction is a complex large system project.It requires highly for contractor, not only needs unified and all-round products line, personalized solutions, but also depends on the financial strength, operations and service mode.

MinKing products has already played a positive role in Safe city construction constantly: Car surveillance of police cruiser in Beijing Olympic security, Olympic sailing venue in Qingdao, Shanghai-Nanjing highway surveillance, Car surveillance of police car in Wenzhou, Car surveillance of police car in Shenzhen, Changzhou BRT bus stations, Jiangxi Skynet project, Suifenhe Free Trade Zone, etc. MinKing products generally used in roads and bridges, financial systems, customs, hospitals, schools, communities, stations and other surveillance projects. Minking products are widespread use in early safe city construction like Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Jiangxi.

Result is history. In the environment of Safe city construction, Minking's products continue improving: newer technologies, more stable quality, better grade products. They are continue to protect Safe city construction.

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