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Minking in 2010 China Public Security Expo


Authorized by the Ministry of Public Security,Minstry of Science ,China Security and Protection Industry Association hosted "2010 China Public Security Expo" on Novermber2-5,2010 in Beijing China International Exhibition Centre.

The  China Public Security  Expo with large-scale exposition,and a variety of security products,which occupied the full old Exhibition Hall with a total area of 60,000 square meters,a total of of about 3000 booths,and more than 800 enterprises to participate in the Expo,of which about 120 international exhibitors covering United States,Russia,Britain,France,Germany,Israel,and Hong Kong,Taiwan and other 25 countries and regions.

Minking is one of the sub companies of CSST, and its hall located on hall 2,which dispalyed and demonstrated Minking's front video new development products and traditional strengths products to all faithful customers.Mining's hall was divided into 7 areas including Minking Night PTZ Systems Area,Minking Car Surveillance PTZ Systems Area,Minking Network &High Definition PTZ systems Area,Minking Intelligent Analysis &Tracking PTZ Systems Area,Minking Intelligent Speed Dome Cameras Area,Minking Digital &Analog Products Area,Minking traditional Cameras Area.

Minking's new products:Some of Minking's new products such as Infra Red Servo PTZ System,Laser Servo PTZ System,High Definition Products Series,Intelligent Analysis Products which attracted more visitors attention and expecially most visitors offered  the best favorable comments for all Minking's products of which reflect the high definition features,intelligence,IR function incorporated with traditional products ,making up the domenstic blank in this fields ,representing the high-speed technology,intelligent analysis technology,night vision function modern mainstream surveillance direction.

Minking's tradition strengths products, such as High Speed Dome Cameras and Infra Red PTZ Systems which all updated and readjusted by Minking's R&D department so as its quality could be far ahead of other domenstic competitors.During the Expo periods,most of professional visitors or experts highly praised Minking's products .We are the marketing leaders who have any normal or excellent products ahead of any one -that is the best return we need to get from the hard-working of Minking Technology team-work.

Because of the rebound of the global finicial environment,the booth area greatly increased.The Visibility and Influence are improving of China Security Industry ,which not only reflects the Beijing CPSE has became the most major professional brand exhibiton,but also integrates the best witness of the China Security Industry development.Meantime,Minking will closely linked to the Security Times pulse to continue to improve Minking's brands technology developing & quality updating and promote Minking brief,constructe Minking brands on the basis of the original technology.Building the Safety New World is the best rule for each Minking people.

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