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4G HD Portable Personal Handheld Terminal

4G HD Portable Personal Handheld Terminal

Product description
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Product description:

The high-definition handheld terminal MG-HTT-T1 is a wireless video application product based on Android system architecture, integrating high-definition, smart, 4G latest cutting-edge technology, rich functions, excellent performance, reliable and portable.

The terminal uses highly customized Android 6.0; a powerful quad-core processor with 3GB of RAM; a 5.5-inch capacitive touch screen with high brightness and sun resistance; a rear 13 million high-definition camera with 5 million pixels on the front. Video encoding maximum 1080P; external Micro USB HD camera; support 3G/4G communication module, seven-mode optional; built-in 32GB memory card, support TF card encryption; built-in high-sensitivity GPS/G·ONASS/Beidou positioning system; latest 802.11ac WiFi protocol, the connection is faster and more stable; built-in Bluetooth module and antenna, support BT4.0, higher transmission rate; support NFC expansion function; equipped with super-powered 5000mAh large-capacity battery; with professional IP67 three-proof rating, capable of handling abnormal conditions Climatic conditions and special occasions.

The terminal inherits the functions and characteristics of the traditional wireless video server, including standard H.264/H.265 encoding technology, dual-stream encoding, video surveillance, voice intercom, data storage, map positioning, etc.

Product Features:

· Network function: support wireless transmission, support complete TCP/IP protocol cluster, can realize equipment access platform, video and audio, alarm, positioning and other data can be transmitted through the network;

· Wireless function: support 2G/3G/4G any kind of network; support WIFI, support Bluetooth;

· Dual stream: support dual stream transmission, one for local high-definition storage and one for network transmission;

· WiFi: Built-in WiFi, can connect to the platform via WIFI, support hotspot network sharing;

· Voice intercom: Support full-duplex voice intercom between equipment and equipment, equipment and platform;

· Positioning function: Built-in GPS, support G·ONASS, Beidou hybrid positioning module, and cooperate with the base station auxiliary positioning function, which can accurately locate the geographic location of the equipment;

· Bluetooth: Built-in Bluetooth, can be connected to an external Bluetooth headset for intercom, and can be extended to other Bluetooth devices, such as printers, card readers, etc.;

· Storage: The device has a built-in 32GB memory card to meet high-definition storage, and customize the encryption and authentication function of the national network;

· Camera: rear 13 million high-definition camera, front 5 million pixels, to achieve high-definition monitoring;

· External camera: Support external Micro USB HD camera, encoding capability up to 1080P;

· Recording: Support one-key recording of device buttons;

· Snapshot: Support device button one-click snapshot;

· Touch screen: 5.5-inch high-definition retina screen, high brightness, 420 lumens; supports touch operations such as video viewing, function operation, parameter configuration, etc.;

· Gravity sensor: when the device falls, it will generate an acceleration alarm to ensure data and information security;

· Flash: Built-in ·ED high-brightness flash, can be used as the flash of the rear camera;

· System settings: support volume, brightness, time, WIFI, Bluetooth and other system function settings;

· Visual intercom (optional): to achieve two-way video and two-way audio applications between devices;

· File management (optional): the management and use of equipment files, the realization of file upload platform, editing, deletion, etc.;

· Security management (optional): Security user management, realizes that different users have different usage rights, which is convenient for management and maintenance.

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Type Details Description
Host Main processor Quad-core, Android operating system, 3G memory
Show Screen 5.5 inch display, resolution 1920*1080
Video Rear camera 1300W pixels, CMOS, with auto focus function, support macro shooting, support flash fill light
Front camera 500W pixels, CMOS
Encoding algorithm H.264/H.265
Encoding resolution Local storage up to 1080P, transmission up to 720P
Encoding frame rate 1~25 frames per second adjustable
Video bitrate 64Kbps-4Mbps adjustable
Audio Built-in microphone Built-in high sensitivity microphone
Built-in speaker Built-in high-power speaker, output gain 100DB
Intercom Support voice intercom and IP digital trunking intercom, support video intercom
Storage Built-in ROM 32G
TF extension Extended capacity 64GB, support encryption card
Mobile network 4G full Netcom, support standard: Telecom 4G/3G/2G (TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, EVDO, CDMA 1X) Mobile 4G/3G/2G (TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, GPRS) Unicom 4G /3G/2G (TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, WCDMA, GPRS) support voice calls.
WiFi Built-in WiFi module and antenna
Bluetooth Built-in Bluetooth module and antenna, support BT4.0
NFC Support
Power Charging interface Magnetic USB2.0 interface, shared with USB data port
Battery 5000mAH,4.35V
GPS&BD Built-in GPS, support GLONASS, Beidou
Interface USB Can support USB transfer data, support OTG
Headset interface 3.5mm standard interface
Button Power button Long press the switch, short press the switch screen
Default key Customizable button function
Protection Protection level IP67
Accessories Charger Input: 100-240V/AC 50/60Hz 150mA; Output: 5.0V 500mA.
Data cable Magnetic charging data cable
Bluetooth earphone BT4.0

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