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HD smart portable command box

HD smart portable command box

Product description
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Product description:

MG-PC28-4G/5G is a wireless video application product based on Android system architecture, integrating high-definition, smart and 4G/5G latest cutting-edge technology, rich in functions, excellent performance, reliable and portable.

The product can realize the functions of integrated command, video surveillance, video conferencing, text and cable transmission, voice intercom, audio and video recording, sensor linkage, etc. It is suitable for public security police, traffic police patrol, individual combat, fire rescue, urban management law enforcement, insurance claims , Live news and many other industries.

Product Features:

· Integrated command: The terminal has a built-in Beidou satellite system positioning module, and the command center video server supports GIS system and offline map system. You can view the terminal's latitude, longitude, speed and other information in the map system, and realize functions such as circle group communication.

· Video surveillance: Real-time video image upload between terminal and terminal (point-to-point), terminal and monitoring center (multipoint-to-point) can be realized, so as to realize functions such as video monitoring and video conference. The video frame rate, bit rate, resolution, color, contrast and other parameters can be set automatically locally or remotely.

· Video conference: Two-way transmission of video and voice between the terminal and the monitoring center can be realized, so as to realize functions such as video conference and video chat. Meetings can be grouped, and plans can be set, and members can be dynamically added or removed during the meeting.

· Voice intercom: Real-time voice intercom function between the terminal and the monitoring center can be realized. When data and voice services are concurrent, voice services have priority.

· Audio and video recording: The terminal side can simultaneously perform audio and video recording while uploading video and audio; the video server of the monitoring center can automatically record and record related equipment within a set time according to the plan; the operator can activate or cancel the audio and video function at any time.

· Sensing linkage: The terminal has a wealth of interface resources (USB, network port, etc.) that can be connected to various sensors. With platform software, it can realize sensor sensing and linkage functions.

· Text and telegram transmission: Between the terminal and the monitoring center, the terminal and the terminal can exchange short messages, videos, pictures, location sharing and other functions.

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Serial number Project Performance description
1 Operating system Android, Linux, security hardening
2 Wireless transmission 3G/4G/5G Support up to 4 channels of 4G full Netcom bundled or independent transmission, expandable to support 5G communication, built-in antenna
WIFI Support 802.11b/g/n, 2.4G and 5.8G, with soft AP function, built-in antenna
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, support Bluetooth headset, speaker, built-in antenna
3 Video Video encoding H.265/H.264 Main Profile
Video decoding Support H.265/H.264 decoding, display screen or output via HDMI
Stream type Real-time streaming, storage streaming
Image frame rate The image frame rate is adjustable from 0 to 30. The default real-time stream is 8fps, and the default storage stream is 25fps
Encoding rate The image transmission code rate is adjustable from 0 to 10Mbps. The default real-time stream is 400kbps, and the default storage stream is 6Mbps
4 Audio Audio encoding Support AAC, ADPCM, G711A, G711U and other formats
Sampling frequency 8K
Echo cancellation Support
Input and output Supports multiple audio input and output such as headset, hand microphone, phantom power microphone/speaker, built-in speaker/pickup
5 Camera (machine) Built-in camera Built-in 8 million pixel HD AF camera
External camera Multiple types of cameras can be connected via Ethernet, HDMI, HD-SDI, USB, WIFI, etc.
6 Location Beidou/GPS Support dual-channel Beidou/GPS, can be used indoors (built-in antenna) and outdoor (external antenna); support AGPS function; GPS function can be physically removed (only Beidou positioning)
7 Show Touch screen 14-inch capacitive touch screen, support multi-touch
Display 14 inch FHD, resolution 1920*1080, 300cd/m2
OLED display 3.12 inch blue OLED, display network status, video status, power and other information
8 Storage TF card Support 2 T-Flash cards, maximum support 256G
Hard Disk Support SSD hard disk
9 AI Face detection Support
Safety helmet detection Support
10 Physical interface Video input 1*Airlink interface, 1*HDMI, 1*HD-SDI
Video output 1*HDMI
Ethernet 2*100M adaptive network port, automatically configured as LAN or WAN
USB 2*USB HOST, support U disk, keyboard and mouse access
SIM card 4
TF card 2
Hand microphone interface 1, support hand microphone, headset
Power input 1*Airlink interface
11 Button Switch machine Long press for 10 seconds to power on and off, short press to wake/sleep the host screen
Network Short press to view/switch the network mode, or click on the touch screen to select the network mode
Snapshot Short press to take a photo
Video Short press to start recording/stop recording
Alarm Short press to send alarm events to platform and cluster users
PTT In voice intercom, video conference, video call and other modes, pressing to speak is valid, and releasing is invalid
Reset After booting up, press and hold for 10 seconds to restore factory settings
Four-dimensional photoelectric joystick Control the dome camera
12 Secure encryption Encryption Support the data encryption function of the Ministry of Public Security or the power industry encryption function
Fingerprint recognition Support omnidirectional input, fingerprint unlocking and login function
Face recognition Support
13 Power supply battery capacity 20000mAh/12V
operating hours ≥8 hours
Power input 12.6V/4A external power adapter
Other Protection level IP67 (when the cabinet is locked)
Operating temperature -10~60℃ 

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