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Intelligent portable transmission equipment

Intelligent portable transmission equipment

Product description
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Product Description:

The intelligent portable transmission equipment MG-NSS200-4G/5G is a comprehensive, portable and convenient wireless video emergency terminal product; the product is highly integrated, with a built-in high-performance lithium battery, and the equipment’s waterproof rating can reach IP66. It can be connected to various external devices through the onvif protocol. Brand network cameras, to meet customers' upgrade and optimization of ordinary network cameras, to achieve online real-time image transmission and precise positioning of front-end equipment. The equipment can be temporarily installed in the location or vehicle that needs to be monitored. It is mainly used in the power industry, public security, traffic police, fire fighting, military regions, courts, prisons, environmental protection and other units.

Product Features:

· 4G full Netcom module, real-time transmission of high-definition images, 5G module can be expanded.

· GPS/Beidou dual-mode positioning, accurate positioning.

· Support shouting, sound and two-way voice intercom, built-in Bluetooth module, optional hand microphone or Bluetooth headset.

· Dual TF card slots, single slot supports up to 256G TF card, supports identification of encrypted cards.

· Built-in large-capacity lithium battery power supply, supporting long-term operation of the equipment.

· Support onvif protocol to access network cameras from various manufacturers.

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Features Detail Performance description
Interface Audio port 3.5mm audio interface, support voice intercom (can be paired with hand microphone)
Bluetooth Support, built-in Bluetooth module can be connected with Bluetooth headset or speaker
3G/4G/5G Supports single and dual modes of telecommunications, mobile, and China Unicom operators, built-in wireless; 5G modules can be expanded
Wifi stand by
Positioning GPS positioning Support GPS, Beidou positioning
Power supply Enter Built-in 10Ah lithium battery, maximum continuous working 8 hours
Storage TF card Support TF interface, use plug-in card type, dual SD card storage, each maximum capacity supports 256G
Installation method Suction cup/wall mount
Waterproof level IP66
Ambient temperature -35℃--55℃
Environment humidity 10%-90%(No condensation)

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