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4CH HD Smart Car DVR

4CH HD Smart Car DVR

Product description
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Product Features:

· Supports up to 2 channels of 1080P HDCVI and 4 channels of 1080P digital POE access;

· Support DSM fatigue/ADAS vehicle deviation collision/face/license plate and other intelligence

· Support 1 2.5-inch SATA hard disk, 1 SD card;

· Support H.265 encoding, saving storage space;

· Fanless design, all-aluminum body, professional shock absorption technology;

· Support 3G/4G, WiFi, GPS/Beidou, etc.;

· Support dual stream, support dynamic code rate coding technology, adapt to wireless network bandwidth changes;

· Support 6~36V wide voltage input;

· Built-in UPS to ensure that there is no loss of video after abnormal power failure;

· Passed ISO7637-2 automotive electromagnetic compatibility standard test;

· 1 DIN standard industrial chassis size, suitable for locomotive front installation;

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System parameters Main processor Industrial-grade embedded microcontroller
Operating system Embedded LINUX
System resources Multi-tasking operation, simultaneous multi-channel recording, simultaneous recording playback, simultaneous network operation
Operation interface Humanized graphical menu conversation interface
Input device Mouse operation, control keyboard operation
Input method Numbers, English, symbols, and expandable Chinese input
Shortcut function In the menu, you can perform quick copy and paste operations for the same settings; the right-click menu lists commonly used functions such as screen splitting; double-click the mouse to switch the screen directly
Audio parameters Audio input 1 way voice intercom audio input
Audio output 1 channel voice intercom audio output, 1 channel aviation head audio output
Audio compression standard G711A/G.711U/PCM
Voice intercom Support voice intercom
Image Image compression standard H.265/H.264
Image resolution PAL/NTSC: Real-time monitoring 1080P, 720P, 4CIF video playback 1080P, 720P, 4CIF
Video parameters Video input 2 HDCVI composite video signal input (4-pin M12 aviation interface) 4 POE RJ45 interface
Video output Support VGA output (1280×1024, 800×600), M16 aviation head interface, default 800x600 support HDMI output
Video standard H.265/H.264
Screen split 1, 4, 8 screens
Surveillance rounds Support monitoring and training functions such as alarm, dynamic monitoring and timing automatic control
Playback resolution Video playback 1080P, 720P, 4CIF
Video overlay The channel screen can display the channel name, recording status, video loss status, dynamic detection status, etc.
Screen information Channel information, time information, GPS information, license plate information, confidential coverage area.
Color settings You can set the hue, brightness, contrast, saturation, and gain of the video
Alarm parameters Alarm input 9 channels of alarm input; 1 channel compatible with pulse speed measurement
Alarm output 2 alarm outputs
External alarm Linked video recording, external alarm, pop-up screen prompt and buzzer
Manual alarm control You can enable or disable an alarm input channel
Hard Disk Number of hard drives 1
Storage space 2T
SD card Number of card slots 1
Storage space 256G
Function Video mode Manual recording, motion detection recording, timing recording, alarm recording
Video recording time The recording time of the video file can be set from 1 to 120 minutes (the default is 60 minutes)
Video loop Support hard disk loop coverage recording
Video query Query recording based on time, type, channel number
Playback method Multiple slow playback speeds, multiple fast playback speeds, manual single-frame playback, reverse playback and other modes
File switching method Can switch to the previous file or the next file being played or any file in the file list can be switched to the file of any other channel at the same time of the current playback channel (if there is a file) Support continuous playback of files, after a file is played, Continue to play the next file of the same channel
Multi-channel playback Support 1-channel playback
Screen zoom The playback screen can be freely switched between the two states of adapting to window/full screen
Interface SD card interface You can insert SD card as a read/write disk or redundant disk.
USB interface 3 USB2.0 ports (2 on the front panel, 1 on the back panel through cable expansion)
Network interface Front RJ45 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port
RS485 interface PTZ control interface, supports multiple protocols
RS232 interface 3 RS232 serial ports, used for ordinary serial port (debugging), keyboard interface and transparent serial port (forwarding the input and output of the serial port through the network)
WIFI Built-in WIFI module
4G Built-in 3G/4G module (EVDO, WCDMA, TD-LTE)
Targeting Built-in GPS module/Beidou module, can realize GPS information, Beidou information display and coding overlay, video recording
General parameters Power supply DC +6V~+36V adaptive
Power consumption The power consumption of the whole machine is 10.2W (excluding peripherals such as hard disks), and the standby power consumption is 0.1W
Working temperature -30℃-+70℃
Working humidity 10%-90%
Atmospheric pressure 86kpa-106kpa
Size 1DIN chassis, front panel 190*60mm (width * height), rear panel 180*50mm (width * height), depth 190mm
Weight Complete package 2.93kg
Installation method Desktop installation, embedded installation
Smart function Smart function Support the recognition of license plates, car colors, and logos of mainstream vehicles
Smart function Supports face recognition and storage of face pictures, and at the same time supports playback of 10s video before and after face pictures
Fatigue driving Supports distraction reminder, fatigue driving warning, smoking while driving, making a call while driving, driving head down, looking around while driving, yawn detection and alarm notification Support lane departure detection, vehicle collision warning
Sensor Gyroscope: Supports detection of sudden deceleration, sharp turn, collision, rollover events and alarm notification


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