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Low power intelligent PTZ camera for on-line monitoring of power transmission

Low power intelligent PTZ camera for on-line monitoring of power transmission

Product description
technical parameter

Product characteristics:

· Can support PTZ self-locking, high wind resistance
· Low power consumption design, suitable for solar power supply
· High temperature 70 ℃, low temperature - 40 ℃
· Aluminum alloy structure design, waterproof grade IP66
· Strong anti electromagnetic interference ability, suitable for complex environment such as power industry
· Video coding, H264 / h265, high compression ratio and good image quality;
· Image resolution, maximum support 1080p, 1920 (H) x1080 (V) 30fps
· Support onvif and gb28181 protocols
· Support 3D positioning function to quickly track targets
· Horizontal 360 degree continuous rotation, vertical ± 90 degrees
· The maximum horizontal speed is 20 ° / s, and the maximum vertical speed is 15 ° / s.
· The PTZ can be controlled through the network or RS485.
· Support wiper
· Automatic defogging


Applicable scenario:

It is applicable to safe cities, power industries and other places with low power consumption or solar power supply.

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Specific Model MG-TK08LM20-R-NH2 MG-TK08LM23-R-NH2 MG-TK08LM32X-R-NH2
Camera parameter Image Sensor 1 / 3"     CMOS 1/1.8"     CMOS 1/1.8"     CMOS
Pixels 2 megapixels
Resolution 1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
lens multiple 20 x optical variable 23 x optical variable 32 x starlight
illumination 0.01Lux @ (F1.5, AGC ON) Color, 0.005Lux @(F1.5, AGC ON) Black and white 0.001Lux @ (F1.5, AGC ON) Color, 0.0001Lux @(F1.5, AGC ON) Black and white 0.002Lux @ (F1.5, AGC ON) Color, 0.0002Lux @(F1.5, AGC ON) Black and white
focal length F5.4-108mm F5.6-130mm F6-192mm
horizontal field angle 50.2-2.9 degrees 66.6-4.0 degrees 61.2-2. 32 degrees
Automatic control 5A: Automatic white balance, automatic focus, automatic exposure, automatic noise reduction, automatic contrast enhancement
Electronic shutter 1 / 25~1 / 100000
General Parameters Area occlusion, Anti-flashing, Remove from the fog, The Corridor Mode, acoustic image, overturn, Backlit compensation, Strong-light inhibition, exposure compensation, gain, Bad point compensation, keep watch, Power loss memory, Pattern Scan
Yuntai function Manual speed Level 0-20°/S; Up and down 0-15°/ S
level 20°/S; Up and down 15°/ S
Horizontal angle 360° continuous
Vertical angle -90° ~ 90°
preset bits 255
Cruise scan 8 group cruise
3D positioning Support
watch preset bit, cruise
Power recovery support
telephoto speed limit support
infrared distance 50m
Network function Smart analysis Perimeter detection, Trip line detection Perimeter detection, Tritrip line detection, Face detection, capture Perimeter detection, Trip line detection
Network Protocol TCP / IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, RTP, RTSP, PPPoE, SMTP, NTP, UPnP, SNMP, FTP, 802.1x, QoS, HTTPS, (IPv6 Optional)
Access Protocol ONVIF2.4,GB / T28181 (optional)
Video Compression H.264/H.265
Triple Stream 1080P / 720P + D1 / QCF / CIF
Audio Compression G. 711, AAC
Data store Automatic / manual video recording, Support for TF card
interface RS485 control interface Support for PELCO-P and PELCO-D (additive) protocol
Analog Video 1.0V [p-p]   /  75Ω , PAL or NTSC, BNC Interface (optional)
Network 10 / 100M Network Adaptation, RJ45 adapter
General Specification Temperature -40   -70℃
humidity 0~90% (no condensation)
Protection level IP66
Weight 4. 5KG
Dimensions Φ 248×202mm
Power DC12V
Max power <15W
standby power 1.2W (Yuntai)
3.24W (including camera)
9.24W (camera, Infrared lamp)

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