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Three mesh micro meteorological PTZ camera for power transmission online monitoring

Three mesh micro meteorological PTZ camera for power transmission online monitoring

Product description
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Product characteristics:

  • Data acquisition: ultra-high definition 16 million pixels, realizing daytime high-definition acquisition. Ultra low illumination night vision of 2 million pixels enables clear collection at night
  • PTZ camera: industrial high-definition single side line camera, PTZ camera and micro meteorological data acquisition integrated design; With monitoring single side line
  • Lens and optical zoom pan tilt camera in the channel; The angle of single side camera supports manual adjustment and vertical adjustment to adapt to the
  • Downhill installation environment; Optical zoom camera pixel shall not be less than 2 million, image resolution shall not be less than 1920 * 1080, and optical zoom shall be 40 times
  • 4. Micrometeorological data collection is required: it supports the data collection function of temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind force with high accuracy
  • Intelligent analysis: support the identification of cranes, tower cranes, bulldozers and other construction machinery, support the detection of foreign matters, and support the identification of mountain fires and smoke
  • Reliability: strong electromagnetic interference resistance, suitable for complex environments such as power industry
  • Low power consumption: support wide voltage input, suitable for solar power supply
  • Protection grade: high temperature 70 ℃, low temperature - 40 ℃; The protection performance shall meet IP67
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PTZ camera parameters Image Sensor 1/1.8"CMOS
pixel 2 million pixels 1920(H)×1080(V)
lens magnification 40 times star level
Illumination 0.002Lux color,
0.0002Lux black and white
focal length F6-192mm
Horizontal field of view 61.2-2.32 degrees
automatic control 5A: Auto White Balance, Auto Focus, Auto Exposure, Auto Noise Reduction, Auto Contrast Enhancement
Line channel camera parameters daytime 16 million pixels 4608(H)×3456(V)
night  1/1.8"CMOS2 million pixels 1920(H)×1080(V)
PTZ function Manual speed Horizontal 0-20°/S; Up and down 0-20°/S
Preset speed Horizontal 20°/S; Up and down 20°/S
horizontal angle 360° continuous
vertical angle -90°~ 90°
Preset 255
cruise scan 8 groups of cruises
3D positioning support
Power outage recovery support
telephoto speed limit support
Infrared distance 50m
AI Insight Support construction machinery identification (crane, tower crane, excavator, etc.), personnel intrusion detection, foreign object suspension, and pyrotechnic identification
Micrometeorological parameters 4 element parameters 1. Temperature:-40-60℃Accuracy:±0.3℃@25℃
2.humidity:0-100%RHAccuracy:±3%RH(<80%RH, no condensation
3.wind direction:0-359.9°Accuracy:±3°(wind speed =10m/sTime)
4. Wind speed: 0-60m/s Accuracy:±(0.3+0.03V)M/S;V30M/S
Network features access protocol South Grid, State Grid Transmission Protocol
video compression H.264
data storage Automatic/manual recording, support TF card
WIFI support
GPS/Beidou support
4G Support all Netcom
Safety data encryption Can support hardware encryption (optional)
interface RS485 control interface Can support solar controller and IoT sensor (optional)
network 10/100M network adaptive, RJ45 adapter (optional)
General Specifications temperature -40 - 70℃
humidity 0~90%(no condensation)
Protection class IP67
weight 5KG
size Φ248×242mm
power supply DC9-18V
Online static power consumption <0.2W
Online collection of power consumption <5W (video streaming, video recording, 4G transmission, micro-meteorological data collection)
Online peak power consumption <15W (video streaming, video recording, 4G transmission, micro-meteorological data collection, PTZ control)

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