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Minking intelligent anti-shake series, use strength to bring salt for yourself!

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Minking intelligent anti-shake series, use strength to bring salt for yourself!

When a video surveillance camera is installed on a bridge that flows all day long, or is installed at a high point in the city, the picture will inevitably be jittered and blurred due to external vibrations, user experience will decline, and critical moments will even affect the accuracy of information.

Minking anti-shake technology fundamentally solves the problem of camera image instability in a complex environment. Even if there is wind interference, the camera image can be calm and comfortable.

The anti-shake function of Mingjing Intelligent Software mainly refers to the characteristic analysis and processing of the collected images, determines the degree of deviation of the image sequence, and then uses the edge image to compensate the technology, which can effectively solve the high magnification of the camera and the vehicle system due to road bumps and car engines. Vibration and other factors caused the large-scale jitter of the picture to cause problems such as dizziness and visual fatigue of the viewer.

Which products have anti-shake function?

Minking intelligent anti-shake series can be widely used in: commanding heights, perimeter prevention, bridges, wind power generation, vehicles, roads, railways, ports and other scenarios.



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