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The development of vehicle-mounted PTZ in traffic security

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The development of vehicle-mounted PTZ in traffic security

Current traffic safety and other issues have become pain points and difficulties in urban governance, and driver’s bad driving behavior is the main factor in causing road traffic accidents. The traditional on-board monitoring system is a mobile video monitoring system specially planned for the vehicle application environment, which integrates audio-visual coding and decoding skills, on-board power management skills, wireless network communication skills, global satellite positioning skills, and vehicle shock absorption skills in the field of cutting-edge technology. , GIS geographic information skills, etc., in the process of vehicle travel and operation, the collection, storage, encoding, decoding, transmission and analysis of the internal environment, external environment, vehicle body operating conditions and other information are useful for vehicles and personnel. Monitoring and management.

From the perspective of the development direction of the surveillance market, the development trend of in-vehicle wireless surveillance is moving towards high-definition, intelligence, integration, standardization, and industrialization. Changzhou Mingjing IOT Sensing Co., Ltd. predicts the future needs of customers. Keeping up with industrial upgrades and fully applying new technologies, integrating advanced domestic and foreign production and service management concepts, enhancing the company's core technology competitive advantage, and integrating digital technology and network technology into security products, the developed vehicle pan/tilt is undoubtedly a vehicle monitoring system. The industry further promotes and improves under this development trend.

The car-mounted pan/tilt series products are a new starting point in the field of vehicle security. On this basis, the overall development of the car-mounted pan/tilt towards the front-end integration, transmission network, processing digitization, and system integration is a bright view. As a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, we strive to be a leader in the industry, and our duty to serve customers, society and development is unhesitating!




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